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Access to fast, reliable and comprehensive information and data

is a vital tool in today's strategic decision-making.  


TOL is an International global organization that specializes in provision of tailor-made business intelligence solutions to clients all over the world. In order to match the increasing global nature of the contemporary business world, we maintain networks and sources worldwide, which support the growing needs of our clients’ needs for accurate and adequate information for proper decision making. 

Our Business intelligence models comprises strategies and technologies used for data analysis of business information which is critical for strategic decision-making. Our BI technologies provides historical, current and predictive views of business operations. We believe that our Business Intelligence outputs should be always reliable and trustworthy, hence we always follow the utmost professional standards and guarantee our clients the highest professional and ethical standards.

TOL has established its solid reputation based on its proven track record. The mere fact that we have succeeded in maintaining a low public profile indicates our ability to operate in a subtle yet highly effective manner. As confidentiality is a key factor in our industry we refrain from listing our clients’ identity, nevertheless we are proud to have in our portfolio to multinationals from S&P 25, leading brand-owners, financial institutions, law firms, NGOs and much more.

The Name of The Game.

We are proud of our professional staff and reliable worldwide networks. Our teams possess multidisciplinary and diversified background that enables us to operate in complex business environment and support our clients’ needs.
Out teams consist elite experts and specialists who possess vast experience and thorough background in variety of intelligence segments, homeland security, business management, trading & distribution, legal, accounting, financial markets, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Cyber, and state-of-the-art intelligence technologies and methodologies.

On a Need To know basis,

TOL appreciates the specific and unique needs of each of its clients, therefore all the solutions offered to our clients are “tailor-made” and client specific.

Prior to any mission, TOL conducts a thorough assessment and diagnosis of the clients’ issues, expectations and the exact needs. Thereafter a cost-efficient plan is introduced whereby we present the customized solutions and timetable. Our excellent credentials in the intelligence domain is derived from our highly skilled manpower, resources, and accumulated experience of hundreds of years in the intelligence arena.  


Above all we see our clients as our partners and as such we act accordingly – we are always there for them, anytime, anywhere and whenever they need us!

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Our Targeted Intelligence Services 

Intelligence data bases worldwide

IP Legal Support

Intellectual Property infringements

Illicit trade and Unfair competition

Compliance and integrity checks

Agents and distributors’ integrity checks

Combatting nuisance lawsuits

Counterintelligence (CI)

Competitive Intelligence

Brand integrity support

Human intelligence

Special Ops management

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1 Glafkou Street & Kyriakou Matsi,

Nicosia, Cyprus - 1086


Thank you.

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